Mega-bid offers a wide range of development, customization and integration services.
Today Mega-bid is facilitating the integration of information, employees, customers and processes across thousands of businesses worldwide. Management solutions built specially for our customers.

We have developed the following applications:
  1. Content Management System "Mega-Bid" Hydra
  2. Internet e-Shop
  3. Affiliate Program
- Module "Catalogue"
It allows add/remove/edit any number of objects having a specific set of attributes (ID, title, thumbnail, picture, description, technical specification, and price). The number of attributes can be negotiated with the client. The catalogue does not have any nesting level limitations.
- "News" module
Allows you to add, publish, remove, edit and archive any news.
- "Poll/questionnaire" module
Lets you do the following: create, name, remove, edit, and publish polls anywhere on the site. Any number of answers. Also it is possible to show a poll result diagram.
- "Forum" module
It is a system, which allows creating and editing any number of threads, of any nesting level, any number of forums and topics, unlimited moderator (administrator) count, and user registration system. Also there is a mini-poll system.
- "Subscription" module
Allows creating any number of mailing lists. This module can be published in any part of the site. Contains user-editable subscriber list. Allows to remove subscription for selected users.
- "Announcement" module
Lets you to create, edit, remove and publish an announcement in a selected part of the site.
- "Internet Marketing" module
It provides you with simple means of editing site pages attributes - title, description, keywords and other meta-tags so that your site is better indexed by Internet search engines.
- "Ad" module
Allows inserting text extracts (aphorisms, slogans, tool-tips, pure HTML) or banners. This module can randomly choose which extracts and banners to include.
- "Menu management" module
Provides with means of dynamic menu site structure management - adding, removing, and updating any number of site sections. These actions are reflected by your site menu.

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